Living the dream – country living in the heart of Sydney

Some three and a bit years ago my family and I embarked upon a most remarkable tree-change. For long time Sydney residents living on a popular beach in a beautiful house, this was a strange thing to do.  We moved to a small fibro shack, on several secret acres… just 5 minutes from the beach and about 10km from the Sydney CBD.

The past three years we’ve been building our dream home and I’ve fallen in love with a whole new look.

Hamptons meets provincial meets southern with a dash of nautical.  Its a style with warmth, heart – and by god it looks good.  We call our secret country escape Nelly’s Farm after my grandmother.  Every day here feels so special I’ve decided to share.

8 Comments on “Living the dream – country living in the heart of Sydney

  1. Hi Janelle,

    Just admiring your wonderful property & wondering if you ever allow the use of it for events?

    Kind regards


      • Hi Janelle.

        It may be a long shot, but it would actually be a wedding. My partner works for a wonderful team where they assemble tepees & marquees, therefore it would be a mostly outside event.

        We are currently attempting to locate a venue with a bit of country appeal. If this is something you may consider, please feel free to shoot me an email.

        Kind regards


  2. Hi Janelle,

    Ive seen you have previously had wedding enquiries for your property. How did it go as im looking for a country feel wedding myself.
    Is this possible?


    • Hi Danica
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      Have decided not to host weddibgs, I’m sure you will find somewhere gorgeous for your special day.



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